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Before you rent a car…

You’ve probably heard that using your American Express card to rent a car gives you all the protection you need. Our team would like you to know that there are limitations to the Basic coverage you are provided as well as Premium benefits that you can purchase. Here is the explanation we received from American Express when we asked about renting a car.

One key difference between the Basic and Premium plan:

Basic provides just that – basic coverage. The coverage is secondary or excess over any automobile insurance that you carry. For example, if you have a personal auto policy with a $500 deductible, American Express will only pay your deductible. The remaining coverage must come from your personal auto policy.

Premium is primary coverage – not secondary or excess and Premium provides coverage for Damage to or Theft of the Rental Car for a higher maximum limit. With Premium, your personal auto policy does not impact coverage.

There is a fee for Premium and you must enroll your card in Premium before you reserve or rent a car.

Here is a link to American Express Car Rental and Damage Insurance that you can review based on your card type. Note, AmEx is issuing a new policy that will take effect on 9/01/2017.

Disclaimer: The content in this email is for general information only and solely based on the personal experience of one of our team members. We provide no legal advice or legal opinion concerning any portion of the American Express OR ANY OTHER CREDIT CARD contract. This review is provided for your information and should not be relied upon without contacting American Express to consult with them as to how these coverages pertain to your individual situation and review the policy terms, conditions, exclusions and other provisions of their policy and any applicable regulations. We are not able to comment on any other card you may use to rent a car. We strongly recommend you speak with a representative from your card company to discuss any coverage they may offer you.