Cyber Attack

Cyber is "related in some way to computers, information networks, or some other kind of technology."

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Over 40 attacks in 2019 so far.

These are a few:

  1. Houzz - February 2019
  2. Dunkin' Donuts - February 2019
  3. AMC Networks - May 2019
  4. Uniqlo - May 2019
  5. WhatsApp - May 2019
  6. Instagram - May 2019

A Cyber Attack is an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system.

Today, technology, social media and connections over the Internet play key roles in how companies, large and small, conduct business and reach out to customers. Those same tools also serve as an open door to cyber attacks.

Cyber threats are often difficult to identify and comprehend. Among these dangers are viruses erasing entire systems, intruders breaking into systems and altering files, intruders using your computer or device to attack others, or intruders stealing confidential information.

"Yahoo data breach is among the biggest in history."

If your organizations network is compromised, information about company, its employees, and its customers is at risk.

Personal devices that connect to the Internet such as computers, tablets, cell phones and gaming systems are an easy way to obtain personal information.

Be informed: